Workin’ in the vineyard

Let’s be honest: we’ve all been upset by this parable at some point. If we zoom out a bit, it helps us see the glory of what Jesus is telling us in the parable of the workers in the vineyard.

Homily for the 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year A.

Forgiveness is not Optional

We must make the choice to forgive, but the consequences are dire if we do not make that choice. Generous forgiveness is not an option if we desire eternal life.

Homily for the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year A.

The Word Burns Like Fire

God’s Word cannot be imprisoned in our hearts: it will burn like fire until it is set free. Even if it means we are objects of laughter and mockery, we allow God to transform us, for he will one day come with his angels in glory.

Homily for the 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year A.