The Cost of Discipleship? Everything

God wants everything. Every person we love, every thing we have, must come after him, because He is the one who gives eternal life.

Go through them

When I worked at the Lord’s Diner, my boss would sometimes say “we go through the greedy to get to the poor.” It sure seems like God does something similar, going through the wicked to save the just.

He wanted to justify himself

The scholar of the law knew the words of the law, but he didn’t want to live it. Instead, he wanted to justify himself and his half-hearted approach to following God.

America needs the faithful witness of Christianity

The United States needs the witness of faithful, fearless Christians to live the ideal of our founders: a land of freedom and liberty, where every human being can flourish and find true happiness.

The Life-Changing Call

Elijah’s call to Elisha was a call to a radically new life. Jesus Christ’s call to us is no less radical.

Sing Praise to the Body of Christ!

Words are not sufficient to comprehend the mystery of the Body of Christ.

The Body of Christ Ascends

Better late than never!

The Ascension matters–a lot. Without the Ascension, there is no Body of Christ bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth.

You can have everything

But what will actually make you happy?

Homily for the Baptism of the Lord, January 9, 2022

The Epiphany Encounter

How have you encountered Christ in your life?

Holy Mary, Mother of God

We Catholics love Mary. But when we talk about Mary, it’s often because we’re trying to figure something out about her son, Jesus.

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