Examen Prayer Video Retreat

Hello, and welcome to my Examen Prayer Video Retreat. While it is always better to go to a retreat in person, right now the limits on public gathering make this impossible! I’ve put together some videos to guide you through this retreat. Before you get started, I recommend finding a nice and quiet place where you can pray, think, and relax for a couple of hours. In person, this retreat took about 3 hours, but on video it’s a little shorter: we can’t have questions, and we don’t need to put in break time!

Here is a recommended schedule for doing this retreat:

Watch video: Opening Prayer and Introduction (3 minutes)
Reflection Question: What am I seeking today?
Length: 5-10 minutes
0:05Watch video: Prayer, Spirituality, and the Examen (18 minutes)
0:28Watch video: Reflecting on what I seek (2 minutes)
Reflection Question: How might the Examen help me find what I seek?
0:35Watch video: How to Pray the Examen (33 minutes)
1:15Watch video: Let’s Pray the Examen! (4 minutes)
Pray the Examen
1:34Watch video: Helpful things to know along the way (30 minutes)
2:04Have a wonderful day!

After watching this video, please reflect for 5 to 10 minutes on the question: What am I seeking today?

After watching this video, it would be a great opportunity to take a quick break.

After watching this video, please spend about 5 minutes reflecting on the question: How might what I have already learned today help me find what I seek?

Now is another great opportunity to take a break.

After watching this video, please pray the Examen. Remember to begin by lifting your thoughts and your heart to God. Then follow the steps:

  1. Gratitude – Look for the blessings God has bestowed upon you today
  2. Prayer – Ask God to shine his light on you as you ponder your day
  3. Review (or Examination) – Look for how we’ve reacted to God today in our thoughts, words, and actions
  4. Contrition – Ask God to forgive you for those times you’ve turned away from Him
  5. Resolution – Resolve to grow closer to God and think about how you might concretely do this

Finally, remember to end by praying an Our Father.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!