garden update and watering the plants

005A few weeks ago, I planted a bunch of seeds in pots so that I could try my luck at gardening in an apartment. A few days ago, I started seeing some results! Most of the plants have started sprouting, with the exception of the sage. I’m hoping that the sage is just taking its time. Continue reading “garden update and watering the plants”

planting more things

Basil PlantsBasil CloseupLast year, I attempted to grow a basil plant and a dill plant. The dill plant did not fare so well, and most of the basil plants died, but two of them stuck around. My new apartment has a lot more natural sunlight exposure than the old one, so the basil is doing better even with the reduced light in winter than before, when the best I could provide was grow lamp. Continue reading “planting more things”

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