Advent Reflections 2021 – Second Sunday of Advent

When God became man in Jesus Christ, it paved the way for us to put on the splendor the Glory of God.

Advent Reflections 2021 – First Saturday of Advent

God will supply our every need, and he will use us to do it.

Advent Reflections 2021 – St. Francis Xavier & the First Friday

The Good News that God will recreate the world cannot be stopped!

Advent Reflections 2021 – First Thursday of Advent

If we follow Jesus Christ and walk in his ways, we will never have a reason to fer God’s justice.

Advent Reflections 2021 – First Wednesday of Advent

God’s covenant love is providential, abundant, and mind-blowingly generous.

Advent Reflections Podcast

I’ve started posting daily reflections on my podcast for Advent. They’re primarily based on the Mass readings for that day and are all very short. I hope you enjoy them!

Advent Reflections 2021 – St. Andrew & the First Tuesday

St. Andrew shows us how bringing the Good News of salvation to the world allows us to light the way to eternal peace with God.

Advent Reflections 2021 – First Monday of Advent

If only we had the faith of the centurion!

Advent Reflections 2021 – First Sunday of Advent

God always fulfills his promises. On Christmas, we remember how he fulfilled his promise of a Savior. During Advent, we contemplate what that means for us and what promises God has yet to fulfill.

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